Onome Egger

When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
EHP Athlete Since: 2020
Fun fact: Onome is a DJ and earned his MuscleMania pro-card at 20

Onome Egger is an Austrian bodybuilder with Nigerian heritage. Blowing onto the scene in his teenage years, Onome gained notoriety and traction around the World after posting videos on social media flexing his incredible physique. Onome earned his Pro Card after taking 1st place in the 2016 Paris MuscleMania competition.

Onome started training to improve his strength, size and performance while playing American Football. Seeing how well his body adapted to lifting weights, Onome fell in love with training and the progressive journey of watching his body develop – deciding to leave the field behind in place of the weights room.

Proudly representing natural bodybuilders around the World, Onome hopes to showcase a body devoid of drugs, avoiding the 'growth hormone look' in pursuit of a 'classic physique'.

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Multi-Directional Core Training

Multi-Directional Core Training

5 mins
When it comes to training your abs, most people only work the muscle at the front of the abdomen – rectus...
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