Personal Trainer & Online Coach

Jaco De Bruyn

"If you have a vision and it plays over and over in your head, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving it."
South Africa
Fun fact: Loves animals and something very few people know is that he owns a doggy grooming parlour!

Renown as a leading international male fitness icon, Jaco De Bruyn holds many prestigious accolades, including his vote as the World Fitness Male Role Model of the Year 2016, and his title as a WBFF Pro. 

Jaco de Bruyn has a long track record of success in the global fitness industry. The former Mr.World South Africa was voted International Male Role model of the year 2016, As well as voted Top 100 most influential South Africans in 2017. Since then Jaco has kept his Top 5 rank on the WBFF World stage in Las Vegas 2018. In 2019 Jaco made the decision to switch over from WBFF to the NPC. He did his first NPC show back on home ground after 7 years and placed 3rd in his devision. 

He regularly appears on numerous South African, USA, European and Australian platforms. He makes guest appearances at fitness expo’s, celebrity tours and other events throughout the world. Jaco de Bruyn inspires thousands of people through leadership and example, educating young followers to reach for the stars and follow their dreams. He’s a man that wants to leave a legacy behind not only as a fitness icon but as a father and husband to his loved ones.

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