You Tube Star


United States
EHP Athlete Since: 2019

Daisy Guerrero is a young YouTube star based out of northern California. Having decided to pursue a career in fitness Daisy started her YouTube channel to help educate people on fitness and plant-based lifestyle. Her positive and humorous approach to health and fitness is a true reflection on how she lives her life, continuously inspiring her community and others around.

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Blessed Strawberry Mylk Ombre Smoothie

Blessed Strawberry Mylk Ombre Smoothie

1 mins
Check out this delicious Strawberry Mylk Ombre Smoothie. For more recipes, sign up for your FREE Blessed Recipe E-Book.
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Do you Even Recycle Right?

The Right Way to Recycle

2 mins
Reduce Reuse Recycle. We’ve all heard this mantra but have you stopped to check you’re doing it correctly? In truth, many...
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Exercise and Mental Health

Exercise and Mental Health

4 mins
We know that regular exercise can be good for us physically, and it can help to prevent lifestyle diseases. But did...
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