Empower yourself to be your best by Mark Robinson-EHPlabs
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Empower yourself to be your best by Mark Robinson

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To empower ourselves we need urgency, self discipline, clear and precise goals, a supportive environment and a healthy lifestyle encompassing balanced nutritional and training habits.

Here are my Top Ten Tips to better empower yourself this month:

1. Set a date to perform a task

Set a date to perform a task that will test yourself; to measure the outcome of a goal you set. Examples of this could include a photoshoot, a physique competition, a body scan or a skinfold test with a coach. Any of these would put yourself in varying degrees of vulnerability and challenges, but a perfect task to have booked in as it will keep you focused and motivated. This no doubt creates urgency and will make you think twice about missing a training session or eating an extra serve of dessert.

2. Hire a Dietitian

For example ‘Health Man Mark’, who is accredited in writing meal plans personalised to your lifestyle, body shape and specific goals you are trying to achieve. Too often we neglect the fact that nutrition is the key to achieving results, or we find it too complicating to get right with too many conflicting sources and theories out there.

3. Have a ‘training buddy’

This makes training a whole lot more fun as it doubles as a social occasion but also significantly improves the chances of you turning up to your training sessions as you keep eachother accountable and shouldn’t want to let one another down.

4. Change up your training

Change your training to make it interesting and break out of a plateau. For example, throw in some group classes that put you out of your comfort zone, like yoga, RPM, body pump. This shocks the body and actually creates great results. I highly recommend changing your types of training regularly.

5. Take up a completely new form of exercise or sport

Like joining a sports club and playing squash or table tennis or try rock climbing or volley ball or simply running along the beach in fresh air. This can again help get you out of a slump or plateau.

6. Intermittent Fasting

This is a great tactic that I use from time to time to shock the body and breakthrough a plateau in results. An easy way to do this is to just skip one meal a day for a week and then return to normal regular meals and snacks. By skipping the one meal it can force the body to break into stubborn fat stores to burn energy.

7. Get Enough Vitamins and Minerals

Empowering yourself begins with a strong mental frame of mind and that is associated with consuming adequate vitamins and minerals. To get these in I recommend five cups of vegetables a day, with as much variety as possible. In addition, try the new delicious EHPLabs Oxygreens drink filled with antioxidants and prebiotics.

8. Meditation and Mindfulness

Every morning take five minutes to sit in silence and think about the day ahead and what you are going to do to achieve your goals and see yourself at the finish line...thinking is not enough, actually try ‘feel’ yourself in the moment of attaining your goal, how good does it ‘feel’ to you in that moment – emotions of happiness, relief, confidence.

9. Add a new supplement to your regime

This will help motivate you. I would recommend EHPLabs Beyond BCAA/EAA, which has L-Tyrosine in it that functions to improve mood and focus. Sharpening your mind to allow you to dial in on your training sessions better, of course as well as the other amino acids that support strength and muscle tone.

10. Focus on the small wins

Applaud yourself for sticking to the processes; celebrating each training session you followed through with, each healthy meal you prepared and consumed, give yourself plenty of positive self talk along the way.

Personal empowerment is so important for anyone striving to reach their personal, health and fitness goals. Though the journey is different for everyone, I hope that these 10 tips will help you on your path to become stronger, more confident, and feel empowered to take control of your life.

Mark Robinson


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