Do Super Greens Really Work?
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Do Super Greens Really Work?

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Greens powders are some of the most popular wellness supplements on the market - but do they really work?
The benefits of greens powders are endless, with the ability to improve gut health, immunity, and overall vitality. However, these benefits vary greatly depending on the formulation. 

EHPlabs OxyGreens is a groundbreaking super greens formula that delivers incredible benefits without any bitter or grassy aftertaste. 

So what are the benefits, and is it even effective? Keep on reading!


What are super greens?

Super greens are a powder supplement made from fruits, vegetables and other natural wholefood ingredients. Formulated with an array of vital nutrients and beneficial compounds to improve wellness and vitality. Supplementing with a super greens powder can be specifically useful for those who struggle to consume enough fruit and vegetables on a regular basis.


What are the benefits of taking super greens?

Super greens supplements are typically made with a blend of wholesome superfoods as well as additional ingredients to help deliver wellness benefits. 

OxyGreens contains a greens superfood complex, a antioxidant alkasing berries complex, and a prebiotic fiber complex to deliver an array of benefits which include: 

  • Boosts immunity and vitality 
  • Supports liver detoxification
  • Promotes a healthy gut and improves digestion
  • Promotes a radiant complexion 
  • Naturally boosts energy levels
  • Increases intake of essential micronutrients
  • Helps alkalise the body


Can you lose weight with super greens?

Super greens can help support you on your weight loss journey, but like any other supplement, it should be consumed alongside a healthy diet and exercise.

Greens powders work to support weight loss through various mechanisms. Gut health is a vital component contributing to weight loss. Regular bowel movements and a balanced gut microbiome will help to facilitate weight loss. This is achieved through the prebiotic fiber ingredients like Green Banana and Inulin found in OxyGreens. 

Super greens such as broccoli, kale, celery, spinach, spirulina, chlorella, and kelp contain phytonutrients and antioxidants that assist in phase 1 and 2 liver detoxification. This helps to eliminate excess toxins from the body which may assist with weight loss processes.


Does drinking greens help with bloating?

Absolutely! Greens powders are popular amongst many for their de-bloating effects. Bloating can be caused by a range of factors, but the most common reasons are due to constipation, poor digestive ability, and gut microbiome imbalance.

Super greens work to combat the main causes of bloating. The prebiotic fiber complex in OxyGreens helps stimulate regular and well-formed bowel movements to alleviate constipation and bloating. The prebiotics also act as a fuel source of probiotics (good bacteria) in the gut which helps to correct any gut microbiome imbalances. Additionally, super greens help to promote detoxification and improve digestion capacity, which reduces bloating by improving the body’s ability to digest food properly.  


When should I take super greens powder?

You can take super greens powder any time of the day! 

However, super greens powder is most commonly consumed in the morning for a natural energy boost and to help start your day with added wellness and vitality. 

We recommend drinking OxyGreens in the morning mixed into water. Alternatively, you can get creative and add greens powder to your breakfast smoothie or acai bowl! 


Is superfood powder healthy?

Absolutely! Superfood powder is made with real fruits, vegetables and other nutritious ingredients. Consuming a greens powder is a great addition to your daily routine if you struggle to consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet alone. Greens powder works to deliver an array of nutrients for added health and wellness benefits.

OxyGreen is made with real ingredients including; broccoli, kale, spinach, celery, acai berry, goji berry, green banana, green kiwi fruit and so much more. Consider greens powder as a healthy and convenient fruit and vegetable boost!


Can super greens replace vegetables?

Supergreens do contain vegetables, therefore, consuming a greens powder contributes to your daily fruit and vegetable intake. However, we strongly recommend that you still aim to consume vegetables in your diet for added health benefits. 

Think of supergreens as a way to top up your vegetable intake. It can be incredibly beneficial to consume greens powder if you regularly do not consume vegetables, or only eat minimal amounts of vegetables in your every day diet. 


How long does it take for greens to start working? 

You will start to notice the first signs of benefits within a few days of consumption. The fiber content acts quickly to help with debloating and bowel regularity. The micronutrients will also work to increase natural energy and mental clarity. Therefore, the first signs of benefits will be decreased bloating and improved overall energy. 

You will notice more substantial benefits when consumed overtime, typically within three months of daily use. This is because it can take time for the nutrients level to increase inside the body. Regular consumption of antioxidants will help to improve immunity overtime, as well as helping to promote a radiant complexion.


Can I drink greens before bed?

You can drink greens powder at any time of day that suits you. Greens powder will not impair sleep in any way. However, most people enjoy drinking greens in the morning as a healthy way to kick start the day. 


Should you drink greens on an empty stomach?

You can drink greens either on an empty or full stomach. It does not affect the absorption of the greens in any way. Commonly, people enjoy drinking greens in the morning on an empty stomach, or alongside breakfast. Either is fine, so do what suits you the most. 

Are you ready to experience the power of super greens? Be sure to try OxyGreens to get all the wellness benefits without any bitter or grassy aftertaste!

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