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Summer is nearly here! It’s time to lose any extra kilos gained during your winter hibernation and get shredded for beach season. It's not too late to shred, with the right nutrition, training, and supplementation!. 
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Summer is nearly here! It’s time to lose any extra kilos gained during your winter hibernation and get shredded for beach season. It's not too late to shred, with the right nutrition, training, and supplementation! If you need to drop fat fast, use these shredding tips to start now and get in shape in weeks rather than months, so that you're in your best shape ever this summer.


Protein and carbs have the same caloric value (four calories per gram) but behave very differently in your body. Protein is rarely used for energy and plays an important role in elevating your metabolism. In contrast, carbs that are not used for energy are readily converted to fat and have a much smaller effect on your metabolic rate. Also, eating carbs causes a more significant rise in insulin levels than protein and insulin inhibits fat burning.

Simply lowering your carb intake and raising your protein intake by the same amount is often enough to produce significant fat loss.


To lose fat, you need to eat less. Opinions vary but most experts suggest you need to create an energy deficit of about 500 calories per day. While you could do this by weighing and measuring your food and then reducing the size of your meals, you can achieve the exact same result by simply eating one less meal a day.

Try replacing any meal of your choice with a scoop or two of protein, such as Blessed Protein. The protein will preserve your muscle mass and pump up your metabolism, BUT provides very few calories.


NEPA stands for non-exercise physical activity and is the term used to describe physical movement done outside of the gym. If you are mostly sedentary apart from your workouts, you are making it very hard to lose weight and burn fat. By increasing your daily energy expenditure through NEPA, you are much more likely to create the necessary caloric deficit required for getting shredded. Try to clock up an hour of NEPA per day - use a tracking app on your phone to get started and see how active you regularly are, it'll surprise you.

Examples include:

  • Walking for transport

  • Washing your car by hand

  • Gardening and yard work

  • Carrying your groceries in a shopping basket rather than using a trolley

  • Taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator

  • Walking your dog

  • Playing sports with your kids

Look for opportunities to get up and move as often as you can for faster fat loss.


Putting aside a couple of dollars a day can add up to a decent heap of money by the end of the year. You can use a similar approach to speed up losing fat and getting shredded. Look for lots of small ways to drop a few calories from your food intake to end up easily and painlessly creating a bigger caloric deficit. Good examples include:

  • Cut sugar from your tea and coffee

  • Drink water instead of juice or soda

  • Reduce your portion sizes by 10 to 15 percent

  • Cut out the mayonnaise and other high-calorie sauces from your meals

  • Replace pasta and rice with vegetables

  • Trim all visible fat off meat

  • Trim the crusts off the bread in your sandwiches

  • Grill or steam instead of fry

The more of these small savings you can make, the better your results will be.


Strength training is essential during a shred; it preserves your muscles mass and therefore prevents your metabolism slowing down which is something that often happens when you cut calories. However, strength training itself is not a great fat burner – unless you take steps to make it so.

Rather than rest between sets and waste half your workout time doing nothing, superset everything to increase the energy expenditure of your training session. Agonist/antagonist (e.g. push/pull) supersets work great, as do upper body/lower body supersets. If you superset everything, you’ll get more work done in the same amount of time and that adds up to a faster fat loss.


Adding ten minutes of jump rope a day to your current schedule means doing just over an hour more exercise per week which will speed up fat loss without adding more workouts. Do this 10-minutes first thing in the morning, last thing at night, or any time you can find ten minutes.

Make the commitment to doing 10 minutes of jump rope each and every day for 30-days and, combined with the other shedding tips in this article, you’ll be rewarded with faster fat loss. If you don't like jump rope, pick a similar exercise and follow the same 10-minute goal.

Getting shredded might not be easy but it’s not impossible either. Yes, you’ll have to make a commitment to eating clean and training hard but if you do, you’ll soon be looking good for the summer. Start putting these tips into action today!

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